Monday, August 23, 2010

Everyone and Everything is Far Away

Back from the beach (babies, kids) but not yet back in the normal swings and measures of life.

What I'm not thinking of at the moment: males, men, dating, love, sex, romance, and V. All seem far, far away. Actually V is away (he said till September 1st). What I long for is not V or any of the above, but privacy and freedom -- to work, to fix things that need attention, to please myself.

Because on family vacations everyone takes photos of each other, I've had the dubious pleasure of seeing a few pictures of myself. Here's what I thought at this unattractive sight: why am I even thinking of, never mind longing for, the youth's game of romance? Isn't this unseemly? I'm inclined (right now) not to take this seriously any longer. Love is rarely bestowed on the wrinkled and baggy, unless by long habit.

Anyway, we'll see what happens when V comes back. La la la, don't much care. Good position to be in.

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